Fox Hunt Sporting Clay Series

Royal United Company


2nd Annual Benefit Series


Sportsman’s Clay Shooting Series


To benefit Maryland’s Fox Hunting community and unite hunters of all disciplines


75 round sporting clay courses set up in different locations around Maryland


Hunt List


                          Elkridge Harford...............................November 13th, 2016       Already Held

                          Potomac.................................................................July 9th 2017   Results


New Market - Middletown............September 30th 2017


NMMVH will be holding their shoot at the: 2450 Fairfield Rd, Gettysburg, PA, 17325


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Elkride Harford...................................November 12th 2017    Starts new 2018 series & prize giving for current series 


Prizes for top individuals & teams will be available at each event.

Earn points at each event towards the series finale


Main Prize Giving Shoot



The series is open to all members of the sporting community


Advanced Registration Required:


Team: $400 for a 4 person team

Individual: $110 per shooter

Lunch Only: $30 non-shooters

Hunt Team Challenge: Teams of 4 to include a minimum of 2 fox hunting members.


No limit on amount of teams per club.


Sponsored by Lincoln Traps

More Information


What constitutes a team?

A team is made up of 4 people, 2 of whom must be active or social members of a hunt, or their immediate family.  The core team will be defined at its first event - please give your team a name, it's more fun that way.  Two of those core team members must attend a shoot for scores to count towards cumulative team totals.

For example:

Jane (member of Hunt Club 1), Jill(member of Hunt Club 1), Jenny, and Julia join together to form team "Foxy Ladies" at the first shoot of the season.

Jane is sick for the next shoot, so she sends her husband John (Hunt Club 1 member's immediate family) to shoot with the 3 Foxy Ladies.

The third shoot sees both Jenny and Julia out of town, so Jane and Jill (both members of Hunt Club 1) must attend, along with two shooters of their choice.

For the fourth shoot, Jane and Jill have other commitments, so Jenny and Julia must attend to add to their team score.  They must bring two Hunt Club 1 members to shoot with them.

At shoot number five, Jane is the only team member available.  She shoots as an individual, hitting every target.  She wins a prize as the individual high scorer of the day, but that number isn't added to the Foxy Ladies' cumulative score because only one shooter was present.


What kind of food can I expect?  What if I have allergies or other dietary needs?

Light lunch will be served after each event, and awards will be given out at that time.  Each hunt organizes their own meal, so if you have specific questions or concerns, please contact them directly.


Can I purchase ammunition at the event?

Yes, we typically have 12 and 20 gauge.  The cost is $7 per 25 shell box.  We appreciate exact change or personal checks for ammunition purchases.


Do I really have to fill out this liability release again?

Yes - we need to have a separate form for each location you shoot with us at, including identifying information (date of birth, address, etc - it's how we verify you are the "John Smith" who signed).  We are working on a way for you to fill out the liability release online, so all you need to do at the shoot is sign and date.




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